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GAINS is now accepting submissions for guest writers. If you're interested, here are the terms:

  • GAINS is a site about self-improvement in all its forms - intelligence, fitness, business, and more. Posts about any subject will be accepted, so long as it's relevant to this general theme. Get creative.
  • Posts may not be of an inflammatory or discriminatory nature. Criticism is allowed, but any post may not directly target any specific person or group of people, especially in a "punching down" fashion. On the other hand, making fun of assholes is fine. However, the general tone of a post should be positive and helpful.
  • Posts are typically about 2-3 pages in length, but can be of any length - if it's longer or shorter, just make sure it's good.
  • Post content may be edited slightly for content or wording. Post titles may be adapted or changed for SEO purposes. This will be handled by me. If you are dissatisfied with the end result, a post may be further modified or taken down at your request.
  • Posts must be original, non-plagiarized content, and no simultaneous submissions.
  • Posts are paid at a rate of $50 USD, paid to the writer via PayPal on the release of the post. Due to monthly budgeting, only 1-4 guest posts will be accepted per month, so you may be waitlisted for a future month if the current month's limit is reached.
  • Your post will be appropriately credited to you. By default, your name will be on the post. I will also include a small single paragraph bio at the bottom of your post, links to social media, link to one website of your choosing, and/or a small photo, which may be resized for formatting. This information can all be provided to me via email later on during the process. 
  • If all of the above is satisfactory, complete the form below with the subject "Writing Submission -" and the proposed name of your piece. In the message box, give a quick summary of your proposed post. I will reply typically within 24 hours to let you know if I am interested, and what the next steps will be. If you are rejected, I still encourage you to contact me with other ideas at a future date.
  • I reserve the right to reject a post for any reason, including failure to follow the above instructions. Initial acceptance of your post may be later revoked at any time up until publishing.

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