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If you're reading this, it means you followed a disclosure link on a page containing affiliate marketing links.

What that means is that one or more links on that page will be links to places where you can purchase products - and, if you purchase products, I'll get money for referring you.

This costs you nothing - you pay the exact same price, and it's the seller who bears the price of paying me for the referral. So, using these links helps support me for running this site and referring you to awesome products, at no cost to you. Affiliate links help me make money without needing to use more invasive tactics like aggressive advertising or constant product plugs.

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Remember that GAINS is a site dedicated to cutting through the bullshit and showing you the real, good fitness info that's out there. All the products that I recommend on this site are products that I myself have used and trust - and my business is only as good as my word. I promise that all my recommendations are worth a look.

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