Looking to be stronger and healthier?

Adam’s Note: I’m currently taking on about five new clients. These spots usually go fast, so act quickly if you want to reserve your spot. I only take on 40 clients total at any time so that I can ensure that the quality of my coaching never goes down.

Have you ever wanted to be stronger? Not just ordinary strong, but Bruce Lee strong? Have you ever wanted to be happier and healthier in your body, without having to go through all the garbage BS of dieting and losing weight?

Maybe you’ve tried out one of those beginner strength programs on the market, and you’ve been stuck at the same level of strength for months or years without any progress.

Maybe you’ve been program hopping, trying every program but never seeing any serious results.

Or maybe you’re an absolute beginner looking to get into lifting for the first time, but you’re struggling to understand it all. (We’ve all been there, myself included.)

Let’s skip the struggle and go right to the part where you become your best self.

My clients, on average, put 200lbs onto their total (Squat + Bench + Deadlift + Overhead) in their first 4 months. That means that for each major lift, they’re able to lift about 50 more pounds. This includes all those lifters who have “tried everything” but weren’t seeing results until they came to me. These aren't just "beginner gains".

On top of that, my clients build muscle, burn fat, and become the healthiest, strongest possible version of themselves - usually, without bothering with intense diets or weight loss. So why am I different?

I’ve Walked the Walk

What’s different about me? I’ve actually lived through all of it. I’ve been where you are right now.

When I was a kid, I was a huge nerd who hated exercise. This picture? I’m playing Dungeons and Dragons in my buddy’s basement around 2008. I weighed about 140lbs at 5’10. I now weigh close to 200, and I’ve been as heavy as 235.

I was a twig. I ran for exercise, but I hated every minute of it. When I looked at my body in the mirror, I was never happy with the way I looked.

I was depressed. My anxiety made it impossible for me to sleep at night. I slept through my classes in school because I could never stay focused. I almost gave up on life.

I did a complete turnaround. I promised myself I would be the best version of myself I could be. I went to a therapist who suggested exercise. I tried lifting weights for the first time, and I loved it.

Thing is, I didn’t see results for years. I had no clue how to train, or how to achieve my goals. Then, I buckled down. I spent hours upon hours reading everything about exercise science, nutrition, and how to get stronger - not the typical BS that’s out there, but the real, hard science (there’s so much garbage, fake info, I could go on for hours). I committed myself and changed my habits, and my results skyrocketed.

I also understand what you’re going through. I’m not one of those “natural athletes” who gets big and strong on just any program. I’ve worked hard for every scrap of progress, and I’ve had over five years of experience helping my clients achieve the same.

Here’s what I look like today. This past year, I deadlifted 550lbs, about 2.75x my bodyweight. My plan is to hit 600 before long - and I do this drug free.

What’s Different About My Methods?

Here’s the secret to my methods - there is no secret. I write about all the methods I use with my clients here on this site. There’s no magic pill or hidden technique to seeing the results you want. Just a good plan, consistency, and time.

The first mistake lifters make is putting all their good effort in all the wrong places. I see people wasting endless time doing unnecessary core work, stupid stability exercises, and endless bicep curls, thinking that this is going to make them stronger somehow. If you’re not focusing on the right exercises and rep ranges, you’re just going to be wasting time in terms of seeing results (the way I did when I first started lifting).

The second mistake is thinking that it's about finding the "perfect" exercise plan. There’s no such thing. No mass market plan will show you the results you want to see forever. They work for a little bit, but then you stop seeing results. Why is this?

Because progress is easy at first - this is called beginner gains. But after you stop seeing beginner gains, you absolutely need to get smart about how to get stronger. You’re an individual person, with individual strengths and weaknesses. Targeting those weaknesses shows you the fastest and most consistent results - but most programs don’t have any kind of method for doing this. If you’re just copying a program designed for the average person, you won’t succeed - because you’re unique, and you need a program that’s designed for you.

A successful transformation isn’t about me. It’s about YOU and YOUR psychology, physiology, and your specific environment. One size never fits all.

It’s not about having the perfect program - it’s about having a program that’s right for you. I can teach you. You’ll finally see the results you want.

When I started at the gym I had a consultation with Adam and I was really surprised at the numbers he told me. I was at 219 lbs. and 23.5% fat. In just 2 shorts months I was down to 208 lbs. and 17.6% body fat and I was simply astounded. I could not believe that in such a small amount of time I could lose 12 lbs. He is a great trainer and I have him to thank for the transformation I am seeing in my body today.
— Matt J.

Why I’m The Right Coach

If you stumble in your diet or exercise plan, crappy coaches will yell at you and tell you something like “stop being lazy” or “just toughen up.” These coaches don’t get results. Usually, I’m the coach who says something more along the lines of “take an extra day off, you deserve it!” or “eat some pizza already!”

There are certainly some people who need a bit of tough love - but they’re the minority.

Or maybe your coach will tell you what to do, but not why you’re doing it. This is smart for them, because it keeps their clients reliant on them - but it also means you’re just wasting money.

I’m different. My clients stay with me because they want to, not because they’re forced to. I will teach you everything you need to succeed, plus much more.

I’m dedicated to the success of my clients. That means if the program isn’t working out, it’s my fault and not yours. That’s how I get results: by valuing your needs above my own. By tailoring the diet and exercise programs I create for you to be just right for your goals, injury history, physiological setup, personal weak points, available equipment, and yes, your own preferences and levels of motivation from day to day - you’re getting a program that’s right for you, every time.

Most coaches haven’t worked with very many clients, and don’t know how to make anything other than one-size-fits-all programs. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients in more than 10 countries around the world. I’ve mastered the art of getting bigger and stronger.

Many clients thought they had reached their limits before we started working together.

Liz saw amazing results working out from home - with minimal changes to her diet or lifestyle.

Liz saw amazing results working out from home - with minimal changes to her diet or lifestyle.

What do I offer?

As one of my clients, you’ll have access to me 24/7. I answer my emails once or twice a day. (Because if you can’t get in touch with your coach when you have questions, are they really your coach?)

To start, I setup a call with you to get a handle on your needs, previous injuries, and dietary and exercise history. I also offer my clients 100% free phone calls after the first, so long as we set up a time - so you get as much support as you need.

Again, the plan is extremely tailored to you. I might have some people starting off with light weights that they can do in their apartment gym. I might have some people squat every single day. I’ve got some clients that work out just 3x/week, and some that workout 6x/week. It’s all based on what you can handle, and what you’ll see results with.

I also have cheaper, more generic options, but this is an opportunity to work 1:1 with me PRIVATELY. To make sure you succeed, 1:1 coaching involves learning as much about you as I can so that I can make a plan that’s perfectly tailored to your needs.

Adam’s Note: I’m currently taking on about five new clients. These spots usually go fast, so act quickly if you want to reserve your spot. I only take on 40 clients total at any time so that I can ensure that the quality of my coaching never goes down.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • 5 years of training and coaching
  • 10 years of bodybuilding and powerlifting
  • ACE Certified Trainer
  • Competitive powerlifter, specializing in strength training and movement
  • Internship with Westside Barbell
  • Strength Coach with Strengtheory/Stronger By Science
I worked for three months with Adam as a personal trainer this summer and had a great time. My goal was to learn how to use weights and how to build muscle groups. Adam was a great trainer. He was personable, knowledgable, and fun to be around. He pushed me when I needed to be pushed and understands when the body needs to rest to prevent injury. I never felt uncomfortable nor embarrassed by how I was doing during the training sessions. By the end of the three months I had lost four pounds of fat and gained nine pounds of muscle. I look better and feel better. My running regime has also been accelerated by my training sessions. Overall I had a great time and looked forward to each session.
— Chris G.