GAINS is a twelve week program designed for beginners to learn the basics of training for strength, size, and endurance. It is easily modifiable and suitable for exercisers of all ability level. For a limited time you can get the GAINS ebook for FREE by signing up for our emailing list. You can also visit the link above to find my Patreon, where you can donate just $1 monthly to receive a copy of gains along with access to the GAINS community which includes regular updates and content you won't see anywhere else.


The UpLift Method is a summary of my personal training philosophy, in the form of essay collections. Topics include my struggle with depression, why I feel that "mind/body" exercise is mostly a sham while mindfulness should be an integral part of any exercise program, and my take on problems in the fitness industry as well as the value of size activism. After the essays, a glossary of common fitness terms and workout methods is included, as well as basic guides on how to train for various goals, aimed at newer exercisers looking to learn. For right now it can be purchased through Amazon, or you can get it for FREE by signing up for our mailing list. But I might love you a little more if you paid for a copy, right?


Endless Days is my first fantasy novella ebook. The plot revolves around two brothers, cursed for their arrogance to walk the Earth forever, unable to have the death that would free them from their torment. One is burned painfully by the light of the sun, and the other suffers similar pains in its absence. As a result, the brothers are set against each other and go their separate ways, choosing very different pathways through history. At last they meet again, coming together in a conflict that pits brother against brother to decide the fate of the world.

Endless Days is a philosophical thriller which focuses on the question of immortality and the ethics of the vampire trope. You can find it at Amazon using the link above.