Random Funny of the Day, January 5th

I was initially confused by the verbose titling of this item, until I realized that Cliff Keen is the brand name and "The Relentless" is the name of the singlet. Before this, I had the hilarious image of a wrestling singlet which had been given the full name "Cliff Keen The Relentless", in which case, damn, that must be a winner of a singlet.

I bet it was haunted. I bet it killed a guy. Yeah, that's why they called it relentless. No, I bet it killed a bunch of guys. Because this haunted wrestling singlet has no brain, it feels no emotion, is incapable of mercy. This semi-animate wrestling outfit has somehow been enchanted with a nefarious blind will only good at one thing: killing, and it can't be stopped! Legions of wrestlers have been lured into to Cliff Keen The Relentless' seemingly benign and always comfortable spandex shell, only to fall prey to its soul-sucking vampiric grasp. For all these achievements it has been given its own name and title, an honor usually only awarded to sentient beings!

Yeah, this is a horror movie script that should be written. Get on it, someone.